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Archive for November 2019

HODLING vs Trading – What You Should Do In a Volatile Market

November 28 2019

Volatility is an all too common occurrence when trading digital assets. Bitcoin, for example, encounters some of the most dramatic volatility in a day. The up-and-down price rollercoaster offers either a vicious or rewarding cycle. Therefore, regardless of HODLING or trading, you should base your investment decisions on research, patience, what investment you have and…

Read our CEO’s view on China’s lead in the digital industry

November 19 2019

Jewel of the orient eyes new coin for the treasury By Marcus Lim, Zipmex CEO and co-founder  Historically China has always been at the forefront of innovation; inventing the compass, gunpowder and paper, and paving the way for multinational trade with the ancient Silk Road network and trade by sea.  Now, it’s carving a name…