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Archive for December 2019

Why Zipmex?

December 27 2019

The crypto trade market is vast. There are several currencies, exchanges, and even trade bots available in the market. With this much to choose from, choosing the right one can be rather tricky, especially with the number of scams that are out there. There exist a myriad of cryptocurrency exchanges. Zipmex is one that stands…

Bitcoin’s Mathematical Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm

December 24 2019

Before we discuss what an Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm does it is important to first understand an essential aspect of cryptocurrency – security. With the crypto existence being mostly online, there is a considerable risk attached to in terms of hacking. For every transaction, a unique address generates. This generated address essentially is the…

Refer a Friend Global Campaign

December 20 2019

Refer a Friend Global Campaign is hereNote : * You friends need to deposit in* What are the steps to participate: Step 1 : Enter @ZipmexCampaign_Bot in telegram Step 2 : Go through the tasks in the campaign bot Step 3 : Refer as much friends as possible! Term and conditions:– Limited to only…

Recent Exchange Hacks and Why Insurance Matters

December 19 2019

Foul play exists in all industries and cryptocurrency is no different. With a currency that exists on the internet, hackers will try to steal it. This is inevitable. Fortunately, cryptocurrency is exceptionally secure. Cryptocurrency exchanges, on the other hand, are not as secure. Crypto security is hierarchical. The three layers involved are protocol, exchange and…

Zipmex Santa Airdrop

December 05 2019

Its the month of giving and Santa Zipmex is here to give! Get free BTC equivalents when you trade, get a free iPhone if you traded the most in your country! Term and conditions:– Limited to only 1 account per user to participate in trading campaign.– Rewards will be distributed to your Zipmex account within…