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Weekly Research and Market Strategy – 20 July 2020

July 21 2020

The market of digital assets for this week still remains the same as the past week. So, we would like to present an overview of the market using the Weekly Chart. This will allow us to see the market in a big picture and plan our investment in the long-term. The market volatiles in a…

How Long Does It Take To Get 1 Bitcoin in 2020?

July 15 2020

How long does it take to mine 1 bitcoin? The answer isn’t as straightforward as you think. Click here to find out more.

Weekly Research and Market Strategy – 13 July 2020

July 13 2020

The outlook of the Crypto Market Capitalization this week is interesting. The price increased in many coins, which consistent with global stock markets and gold that are making a new high, probably because of the rising of fund flow from QE.  Crypto Compare Crypto Top 10 Market Cap Technical Signal Trading Bitcoin Strategy Bitcoin broke…

How to Buy Bitcoin

July 10 2020

Buying your first bitcoin can be both exciting and overwhelming. There’s a lot to consider so we have explained exactly how to buy your first bitcoin.

How to backup a bitcoin wallet

July 08 2020

Bitcoin wallets are an important part of buying, storing and using bitcoin. Knowing how to use and secure your bitcoin wallet will help you keep your digital assets safe.

Weekly Research and Market Strategy 6 July 2020

July 08 2020

Over the week the Total Crypto Market Capitalization looked stabilized and boring, but we positively believe that this price action should be closely monitor. In the previous week, we included in the weekly research that if the price fakes falling – falling to new low and rebound back – it is a positive signal. We…

How long does it take to transfer bitcoin

July 03 2020

Bitcoin often promotes its fast and efficient transfers. However, there’s a few variables that impact how long it takes to transfer bitcoin.

How to Read Cryptocurrency Charts

July 01 2020

Reading cryptocurrency price charts can be overwhelming, especially for new traders. Learn how to understand candlestick charts and perform technical analysis.

Weekly Research and Market Strategy – 29 June 2020

June 29 2020

Over the past week, there was a sale effort in many coins, causing the index to fall below the upper zone. Once the index was below the zone, there seemed to be an effort to push back. We might consider this as not a real fall out, and thus might constitute a good signal to…

Weekly Research and Market Strategy – 22 June 2020

June 23 2020

Total Crypto Market Capitalization Overall outlook this week is still moving sideways. We have seen the market is getting risk-off and lacks positive factors to drive up the price. A piece of evidence could be in investors in equity markets took profit and the gold price has increased. Such movement might be a result of…