Introduction to investing 101

Posted on July 14, 2020 in Articles, Investing, Zipmex Guide
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What the pandemic taught us, was how important it is to be financially responsible and financially savvy. Investing has consistently been a way to accumulate wealth and achieve more financial freedom. But it’s not an easy path to start. Why?

Barrier to entry to financial investment is high. Why? Financial products and markets are complex, there are many asset classes to understand.

We’d like to introduce a new section to Bitesize, “Bitesize Finance” which will cover a range of different financial news, bitesize coverage of different financial products and more.

For this week, let’s quickly dive into investing 101. Let’s get started with the basics. For experts, there’s nothing wrong with brushing up on the fundamentals.

Identify financial goals:

Just like beginning a new workout regimen or changing your job, it’s important to identify the “whys”. Identifying financial goals is essential to mapping out a basic investment strategy.

Educate Yourself:

There’s nothing more important than understanding the fundamental drivers of each asset before investing. Who are the players? What are the technicalities and what are the risks?

Mobile First:

The democratization of trading & investing has been fuelled by the internet and more recently, smartphones. It may be more widely adopted in markets like the UK and US, but take note.

Tracking investments, buying shares or mapping out a financial future has never been more real time.

Introduction to digital assets:

Now, we know the digital assets segment has gotten a reputation as of late, but it’s a space with relatively low barrier to entry and high potential.

It’s important to not get swallowed in the hype and we’d be the first to tell you to do your research before signing up to a digital exchange and start trading.

In Thailand, there are 3 operational exchanges regulated by the SEC, with newcomers like Zipmex Thailand partnering up with well-known companies.

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